Work Experience

High Performance Systems, Indiana University Bloomington, IN (1/2018 - Present)
Principal Systems Analyst Systems administrator for IU's Cray HPC computers.

The SASSI Institute Springville, IN (7/2012 - 1/2018)
Lead Software Developer Developed web applications that deliver the SASSI screening instruments to their clients, and an online dashboard for counselors to manage their client results. Web apps originally were in Django but migrated to Rails, backed by PostgreSQL. Also developed some C# applications for internal use, and did maintenance work on one legacy Foxpro application.

Midnight Owl Software LLC Bloomington, IN (4/2008 - Present)
Owner and Chief Developer Continuing to work as a consultant on web applications development, primarily with Ruby on Rails but also ASP.NET, Django, and PHP. Also expanded to working on iPhone and iPad applications, and continuing to provide consulting in the server administration field, drawing from years of previous experience.

Amorphous Consulting Indianapolis, IN (11/2005 - 4/2008)
Senior Software Engineer As a member of a small consulting firm, worked with clients in a wide range of industries to develop new web-based applications or extend older ones. Used a variety of programming languages, operating systems, and database engines, based on the client's needs and existing IT infrastructure. Clients were very diverse geographically, most work was done remotely and communication was via email and teleconferencing.

Indiana University Bloomington, IN (3/2003 - 11/2005)
Lead Software Engineer for the UITS Messaging Team. Provided the email infrastructure to 150,000+ users with SMTP, IMAP, spam filtering, and webmail. Developed software and provided systems administration in an environment of Solaris and Linux servers. Responsible for SMTP servers carrying the majority of email traffic in and out of Indiana University. Deployed a storage area network to provide storage for IMAP users. Made extensive customizations to the IMP webmail package (written in PHP) for use at IU.

Kiva Networking Bloomington, IN (6/1997 - 3/2003)
Senior Systems Administrator Responsible for architecting, implementing, and maintaining the server farm for a growing full service ISP. Foremost design requirements were low maintenance, high uptime, easy scalability. A substantial amount of software programming was required for integration of the machines and services, and a good knowledge of hardware was required for capacity planning and troubleshooting. Used Perl to develop a user management system to create accounts and add/remove features spread over several machines. Good communications skills were essential for developing policies and solving problems with staff and clients.

Indiana University Business Placement Office Bloomington, IN (5/1996 - 6/1997)
CGI Programmer/Web Services Coordinator Programmed and maintained a suite of CGIs to integrate BPO Unix applications with the web. Used dBase, C, and Perl to extract data from the dBase system and make it available on the web. Installation and administration of a Linux system with Apache to serve as development arena and SQL server. Promoted to Web Services Coordinator. Position expanded to include project management for web programming staff, which grew to five. Handled technical correspondence with student users. Moved entire student resume system to the web - resumes were developed in HTML and submitted electronically with CGI.

Technical Experience

Ruby (and Rails), Javascript, C#, Python (and Django), C, Perl, Objective-C, PHP, ColdFusion MX, VBScript for ASP, Unix shell scripting, Lisp and Scheme. Some C++. Detailed knowledge of TCP/IP. Experience with major software systems and their protocols including: Linux, OS X, HTTP, Apache, Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL, DNS, IMAP, SMTP, others.


BA in Computer Science at Indiana University, class of 2007.